Delicacies of Turkish cuisine bring together award-winning Mediterranean chefs

Under the project organized by the Directorate of Communications, 12 most famous chefs from Mediterranean countries brought unique delicacies of Turkish cuisine to the taste of followers around the world.

Under the project, 12 famous chefs came together on the internet by combining unique recipes of the Turkish cuisine with Mediterranean breezes.

A chef from the US also participated in the project as a guest. In this context, renowned chefs demonstrated once again the unifying power of gastronomy and the richness of Turkish cuisine ahead of the International Mediterranean Gastronomy Festival, which is full of innovations and surprises and scheduled to be held in Patara, Antalya within this year.

Yağız İzgül, a well-known Turkish chef, participated with “kuzu gömlek dolması” (stuffed caul fat) in the unique recipes that will be shared on social media by chefs, who prepare a great many varieties from Turkish cuisine ranging from kaburga dolması (stuffed lamb ribs) to baklava (sweet pastry with nuts), and from Karadeniz pidesi (Black Sea-style pita) to su böreği (pastry with feta cheese filling).

“Adana kebab” was cooked by Ben Ford from the US, “Karadeniz pidesi” by Bruno Barbieri from Italy, "Kayseri mantısı” (Kayseri-style meat dumplings) by Dhaker Bejaoui from Tunisia,  "karnıyarık and acı ezme” (split aubergines with meat filling and hot spicy tomato dip) by Rotem Ben Moyal from Israel, “muhallebili kadayıf” (shredded pastry in thick syrup with milk pudding) by Gabriel Nikolaidis from Greece, "yaprak sarması" (stuffed grape leaves) by Joe Barza from Lebanon, "kuzu şiş ve cacık" (lamb skewers and tsatziki) by Fadi Kattan from Palestine, "badem çorbası" (almond soup) by Myriam Ettahri Moussalit from Morocco, "kaburga dolması" by Mostafa Seif from Egypt, "baklava" by Sergio Torres from Spain, "kabak çiçeği dolması” (stuffed squash blossoms) by Vincent Angebault from France and "levrek buğulama (poached sea bass) and humus" by Lubna Ben Halim from Libya, and thus combining their professional experience with the richness of Turkish cuisine.

On June 9-14, each chef will share the delicious recipes they prepare on different days with their followers on their Instagram accounts. It will be possible to witness local touches on famous Turkish recipes from the accounts of the chefs, who will also share the recipes in written form.

The events to be broadcast live on the evening of June 13 and 14 from the Youtube, Instagram and Twitter accounts of the International Mediterranean Gastronomy Festival will meet gastronomic enthusiasts.