As old as the Republic, the journal “Ayın Tarihi” gets reissued

As old as the Republic, the journal “Ayın Tarihi” gets reissued

Directorate of Communications is bringing the journal “Ayın Tarihi” (History of the Month), one of the longest standing publications of the Republic’s history, back to the readers.

The journal “Ayın Tarihi”, the first issue of which was published before the proclamation of the Republic in September 1923, had been presented to its readers in Ottoman Turkish for a long period of time. Carrying on with its publication life in Latin letters since 1929, the journal addressing all the issues on the national and international agenda thoroughly and being the mere source in that sense enabled it to reach the large masses.

Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun expressed great happiness for reintroducing such a deep-rooted journal. Altun underscored that it was of great value for long-established institutions to reintroduce such works of the past to manifest their presence.

Stating that the journal was going to be published monthly, all the significant developments in Turkey and across the world during the given period would be addressed at length in the journal “Ayın Tarihi”, and it would thus be a historical testimony in the future, Altun said that they would remain faithful to the objectives set out in the first issue published in September 1923, yet the journal would be adapted to the conditions and truths of today.

“A historical testimony…”

Addressing the readers in the first issue of the journal, Fahrettin Altun noted the following:

The journal “Ayın Tarihi” is as old as our Republic. From that day onward, various developments have taken place. Through this journal, all the painful experiences and all the achievements of our country have become a historical testimony. That’s why we have decided to bring it back to our people through using all the advanced communication facilities while adhering to its essence.”

Director of Communications Altun stated that all issues of the journal since 1923 were available in printed form at the service of researchers, academics, and all people interested in history at the library of the Directorate of Communications, and added that it was possible to access the issues of the journal from 1947 until present in electronic form on the website of the Directorate of Communications.

Director of Communications Altun stated that they had covered both the national and international aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the recent developments, and all aspects of our struggle under the leadership of our President, and added, “I wish the new journey of the journal Ayın Tarihi to be auspicious.”

The new issue is out with the cover “New Normal”

The new issue of the journal Ayın Tarihi was published with a new cover titled New Normal in the period of the ongoing struggle against Covid-19. The issue that covers the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, as well as Turkey’s effective and multidimensional fight against the pandemic, also features an interview with Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. Featuring also President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s international contacts during the Covid-19 pandemic, the journal addresses other developments in Turkey and around the world.

The issue also features the public diplomacy activities carried out by the Directorate of Communications.